Contact Information

If you would like any more information about the Upton Farmlands or would like to join our group, email UPTONFARM@GMAIL.COM

We look forward to hearing from you.


4 Responses to “Contact Information”

  1. Hans Says:

    Looks good! I guess momentum is really building!

  2. Donna Hearn Says:

    I am a firm supporter of the Save Upton Farm plan and I’d like to say something about the farm. There are a few people that do not have dogs and walk at Upton Farm enjoying all of Mother Natures’ beauty. Some have been vocal about sometimes seeing doggie poo on the roadway as they walk. As someone who picks up poo and garbage almost everyday, and the owner of two dogs please allow me to say this: yes, sometimes doggies poo in inappropriate places and their owners don’t scoop, for whatever reason, BUT there are also many people to visit Upton without dogs and throw items on the ground for others to clean up. I can testify to picking up everything from beer cases to Wendy’s packaging to kleenex. But what gets my goat is the people who scoop the poo and then drop the baggies beside the road for others to take away. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! If we are going to be successful at keeping Upton Farm for future generations, then EVERYONE needs to do their part, not just dog owners, but all of us! So, when you’re strolling through the farm, and you see garbage, please think of all the wild critters that call the farm home, and pick it up. It’s ok to get your hands dirty, it’s for a good cause! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Donna Hearn Says:

    I just filled out an online questionairre reagrding a fenced in dog park for the downtown core. Below is my response, I thought it should also appear here:

    I walk my dog’s off leash at Upton Farm. I know there has been a lot of push-shove as to what to do with Upton Farm. As a dog lover, I guess you know my opinion, but may I pass on some comments that have been made to me, buy visitors to PEI? I have been told, more times than I can count, that the reason tourism is down, often here, is due to the restrictions that were put in place, several years ago, regarding dogs on beaches and the Piping Plover. I have been asked, as many times by tourists, why does Charlottetown not have a dog park closer to the downtown core; and why isn’t Upton Farm not made into a permanent off leash dog walking/greenspace? I get questions like, “Do they not realize that’s why families with dogs stay away?” What can I say, as a tax payer except, “I don’t know” and agree that having these two things in place, complementing each other, would do wonders for tourism on PEI. You could market Upton Farm as the largest off leash/greenspace for nature walks in Atlantic Canada. I confess that I do not know for sure if it is the largest, but I bet it’s close. Anyhow, this is my comment, and I hope you take it to heart, because if Upton Farm is lost to “progress” I will take my dogs and move to another province where I can enjoy this pleasure. Thank you.

  4. Jaylyn Says:

    I use Upton for my dogs on a regualr basis and I have recently noticed ALOT of extra cars/trucks driving through on the grassy areas and some going way too fast and having no respect for the people walking and dogs running around.. who polices this property of land.??? with so many people walking, kids on bikes, dogs off leash this is an accident waiting to happen……..Last night I was later getting to Upton and there was a car way down in the field to the left ( not sure what they were doing.. ) but when I came along behind them, they took off pretty fast….

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