You Can Make a Difference

If you think the Upton Farmlands should remain greenspace, it’s very important to let our Mayor and Councillors know. After all, it was City Council that made the decision to allow this high-density development. Ask the councillors to re-examine their decision in light of new information that has been brought to their attention. Contact information for your representative is listed below. Please take a minute especially to thank Councillors Cecil Villard, Mitch Tweel and Rob Lantz who are supportive of our initiative.

Mayor Clifford Lee

Clifford J. Lee ( Mayor)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)
902-566-9124 (H)

Councillor Kim Devine

Kim Devine – Ward 1 (Queens Square)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)
902-894-5320 (H)

Councillor Danny Redmond

Daniel (Danny) J. Redmond – Ward 2 (Belvedere)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566- 4701 (Fax)
902-368-3294 (H)

Rob Lantz – Ward 3 (Brighton)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)
902-314-3714 (C)

Councillor Mitchell Tweel

Mitchell G. Tweel – Ward 4 (St. Avard’s)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)
902-894-8263 (H)

Councillor Sterling MacFadyen

Sterling MacFadyen (Deputy Mayor) – Ward 5 (Spring Park)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)
902-892-5695 (H)

David MacDonald – Ward 6 (Mount Edward)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)
902-892-9639 (H)

Coouncillor Cecil Villard

Cecil F. Villard – Ward 7 (Beach Grove)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-5664701 (Fax)
902-368-2889 (Home)

Peter F. McCloskey – Ward 8 (Highfield)Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)

Melissa Hilton – Ward 9 (Stonepark)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)
902-892-1698 (H)

Terence H. Bernard – Ward 10 (Falconwood)
Phone 902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-4701 (Fax)
902-368-1634 (H)


2 Responses to “You Can Make a Difference”

  1. Heidi Says:

    This is probably the most important thing we can do right now, so please email or call your Councilor and let them know how you feel. And, as stated above, a thanks is always appreciated.

  2. Paul Says:

    It would be shameful to develop this Upton property. I can’t believe the City would want all the dog walkers and strollers to move to Victoria Park or that little thing downtown where the waterfront used to be. Is it called Confecderation Park? Paul

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