Federal Competition with the Private Sector

Research information received from a provincial government source indicates that there are 273 vacant lots  available for sale in existing housing subdivisions in the West Royalty-Winsloe area of Charlottetown. That means 273 lots already for sale with infrastructure already in place. What need is there for more subdivisions in this area?  BUT the Canada Lands Company is pushing ahead with the sale of the Upton Farmlands and putting in infrastructure that will potentially allow 350 new housing units to be added to the Charlottetown market. Why is the CLC – a federal Crown Corporation – competing with private sector developers who are already trying to fill their empty subdivisions? We need to ask ourselves – is housing the best use for this land?



3 Responses to “Federal Competition with the Private Sector”

  1. Heidi Says:

    And those 350 new homes are on the south side only…….the smaller portion of land…..not spread out over the entire property. Only time will tell what will be proposed for the north side. I’ve heard commercial/industrial/laboratories, etc……..

  2. nelson hurry Says:

    I grew up on part of these lands. when my Dad sold our property Mr. Parent stated the property would always stay in public hands! Lets keep it that way.

  3. Garry Doyle Says:

    How did this development get approved? Where is the need? Where is the support? Who benefits? If city council has approved only a “concept”, what will the development really look like in the end?

    Why was the public not consulted on alternative uses of this property which is already owned by the taxpayer?

    Surely, the right thing to do is to halt the development before irrevocable damage is done. Islanders deserve better – an open discussion about the best use of this unique parcel of “public property” needs to occur.

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