Chester Loves the Upton Farmlands


Like many other dogs, Chester enjoys his daily off-leash frolic with his friends at the Upton Farmlands. Here he takes a quiet minute to contemplate the view across the North River.


2 Responses to “Chester Loves the Upton Farmlands”

  1. Chester Mac Neill Says:

    The Upton Farm has an important historical significance to P.E.I. and particular to Charlottetown as the Farm was established by two important historical Island personalities in the name of Dr. John (Jack) Jenkins M.D., C.M., D.S.O., V.D., and his wife Louise, the first female pilot of P.E.I. and one of the first female pilots in Canada. Both served in W.W.I., he as a Doctor and she as a Nurse. They returned from the war to marry and settle at Jack’s family homestead and raised a family, build Upton Airport, became acrobatic pilots and displayed throughout the Maritimes, raised pure bred race horses and companion show cattle, conducted a medical practice and were leaders in the community. Aviators from throughout the world were welcome guests at the Jenkins’ Homestead having arrived by airplane and landed at their airport at the northern end of their farm. Dr. Jenkins also served in W.W.II as a Inspector of Military Hospitals in Eastern Canada and once again returned to his beloved Upton farm to resume his medical practice until his death in 1972 at age 85. Louise died in 1986 at age 95.
    The opportunitity to preserve this beautiful property built by an insightful Islander during an important era of our Island history as Park land should not be missed. A hundred years from now it could be a green center piece, (the Upton Jewel as it was known in Jenkins’ day), for Charlottetown which by that time will have expanded beyond Cornwall.

  2. Chester Mac Neill Says:

    Besides, where else can we Chesters roam.

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