Show Your Support With a License Plate!


Show your support for the preservation of the Upton Farmlands by buying and displaying one of these attractive license plates on the front of your car! They are available NOW from Sign City, 360 University Avenue (Map), 902.367.7100. Cost is $10. This is one of the best ways to carry the message of preserving the Farm throughout the city and the province. You saw how it effectively it worked for the Hockey Mommas in their quest to have Charlottetown declared as Hockeyville last spring. Now it can work for us in our efforts to preserve this greenspace for future generations.


3 Responses to “Show Your Support With a License Plate!”

  1. Richard Meara Says:

    I have a house in Burlinton PEI. I went to sign your petition and found it was residents only- suggest you set up a site for people from away to sign too. The moneygrubbers who want to change one of the last liveable places on the East Coast tend to pay alot of attention to our opinions for obvious reasons!!!!!!!

  2. Richard Meara Says:

    It`s Burlington- I`m a terrible typist

  3. Heidi Says:

    Hey Richard. Lot’s of folks from “Off-Island” have signed the petition, so go ahead and put your name in there!

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