To all our supporters:

Please take a minute to add your name to our on-line petition, even if you have already signed the paper petition that is being circulated by our group.

Public pressure will make a difference.

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

                                                                    ~ Mahatma Gandhi



  1. Heidi Says:

    Even if you have already signed the original ‘paper’ petition, please sign the electronic one. Thanks.

  2. Wilma King Says:

    Please keep all the city green space we can for our children’s children!!!
    Once the green is gone no one can bring it back. God isn’t making any more land and we have a responsibility to maintain some of it as a priceless resource for generations to come.

  3. Helen Pretulak Says:

    Use common sense instead of thinking of dollars and cents. Respect our environment.

  4. Helen Pretulak Says:

    Respect our environment

  5. Bruce Hillstrom Says:

    I think that the powers that be should realize that this will be the last opportunity to save this land from commercial developement, and create something that future generations will be able to enjoy.

  6. Avery Hillstrom Says:

    As I am here in Ottawa during my spring break I was very exited to see my family’s dog Chester on the site. He loves his runs in Upton Park and he would be very disappointed to see it be turned into a commercial developement.

  7. David Sims Says:

    Green space is almost impossible to create after the fact. I’ve not heard of a subdivision being returned to green space, even though there are many truly rotten subdivisions. Upton is in many ways like the linear park that is the Confederation Trail, a valuable heritage. Instead of dissolving it, we should nuture and care for it.

  8. Sparky (Christian Hansen) Says:

    As one of the first visitors to the “page” way back, I want to express my most sincere thanks to the people who started this and all who are joining in this effort to save the Upton Farm from development, so it can be a treasure for now and for generations to come.
    I truely believe that when “the people” speak “the leaders” will listen, — and people are speaking loud and clear, — not for themselves, for the good of all Islanders.
    Hurrah for democracy and hurrah, hurrah for the Upton Farm Preservation Network .
    So let us spread the word, and keep the comments and clicks on the petition coming. CHEERS, Sparky

  9. Chrissy Cerminara Says:

    This will be my 5th summer here on the island. PEI is such a beautiful open space, especially for us. My family is from the Niagara Penninsula, in Southern Ontario where green space used to be abundant but now houses and shopping are more important. Back home there was a nice little forest that my family would go every Sunday. I called it our church~it was a place to take the dog to run and for us to walk and relax and breath in the beauty~one of the last spaces that were saved just for this purpose.

    Now living on PEI, I just found a new ‘church’ for us to go to with our dog on Sundays and also found out that this wonderful space may not be available for long!!

    Something’s gotta change!!

  10. Ross Midgley Says:

    I know what you mean! I’m from beautiful Prince Edward Island and now live in the Niagara Penninsula – our green lands are disappearing fatser than you can say Best Buy in a box. My ‘dogs’ walk on two legs and I’m worried for all three of them. People need to ‘get their stick on the ice’ and save Upton Farm

    Ross Midgley

  11. A Says:

    Its all we have left….we have to protect it!

  12. Andrew MacSwain Says:

    enough is enough. let’s save what we still have, not to mention, improve what is already diminishing.

  13. Kathleen Crosby Says:

    Save the farm.

  14. Philip and Nicole Murphy Says:

    A great place for recreation opportunities for dogs and owners.

  15. Sally Anne Larter Says:

    I grew up in West Royalty and only left the community when I got married in l972. You can only imagine the multitude of changes I have witnessed in that area since then. So much open space — gone in the name of change and progress which is to be expected; however, now is the time to stop, look and listen to the little bit of peace and tranquility that is left in that area to be enjoyed by people who like to spend time walking their dogs or simply strolling in solitude. Preservation of Upton Farm’s beautiful green space and wooded area will be a magnificant legacy to generations to come and a blessing to be enjoyed for a long, long time. Please get on board people and stop the insane idea of developing that area before it is too late.

  16. Ken Says:

    The Charlottetown Upton Zoo. Bears, moose, fox, maritime wildlife. Make Upton Farm into the Upton Zoo. You can all sit on the board. Surround the zoo with a wildlife zone. Schoolkids can learn to identify animals. You can walk your dogs around the wildlife trail. Think of the bird habitat alone.

    Make Upton Farm onto Upton Zoo!

  17. Gary Wilson Says:

    Dog’s need a place to socialize and run free…..and so do I….Please save the farm.

  18. Mark Noseworthy Says:

    Save it while it’s still there. It’s irreplaceable.

  19. Savannah Says:

    This is currently the only natural “gateway” into Charlottetown. If we want people to come to PEI for an escape from the big and busy, then we need to keep as much open space as we can. We have enough box stores and character-less subdivisions.

  20. Isaac Mazer Says:

    I am currently working at a hotel in Charlottetown. Some guests that I was talking to the other day mentioned to me that it was their first time on PEI, and they thought it was beautiful. Even though they may not of seen Upton Farm, think about how much more beautiful they would think Charlottetown was when the saw Upton Farm. It would make them want to come back.
    Charlottetown is starting to become more and more developed, and not in a good way. Many projects are starting to rise when we do not need more projects. Upton Farm should stay a green space and not- like mentioned many times- become more box stores, or apartment buildings.

  21. Racheal Holmes Says:

    That’s a beautiful space!

  22. Siobhan Says:

    Save the farm!

  23. Bradley Campbell Says:

    charlottetown doesn’t need anymore clone houses, we need open space without cars and streets, save the farm it’s an awesome place!!!

  24. Tim Jordan Says:

    Let’s hope they don’t pave paradise, and put up a bunch of subdivisions

  25. Rodney Ives Says:

    I’m an ex-Islander retired from the Canadian Forces and living in Comox on Vancouver Island. In my lifetime, Canada has moved from most of the population living in rural areas to pretty much a reversal to where so many of us now live in urban areas. Urbanization is not going to stop but we can decide to build towns and cities with adequate green space or we can let the developers dig holes and put up an army of boxy buildings marching across the land. I am much encouraged to see the opposition to developing the Upton Farm land.

  26. Ed Gaudet Says:

    This piece of land should be preserved for both historical reasons and as valuable recreational land.

  27. Alicia MacDonald Says:

    Its is great to see the Premier on side, it bodes well for the cause.
    But why is the Opposition so quiet????
    Do they not consider this a worthwhile issue???

  28. Serge Leduc Says:

    Wonderful Cause

  29. Susan Leduc Says:

    Wonderful cause!

  30. Allyson Leduc Says:

    Great Cause

  31. Celine Leduc Says:

    Great Cause !..

  32. justin Says:


  33. Adina Says:

    People have the right to have a nice long dog walking trail. There must be hundreds of people a day that take their dogs to walk there freely. The dogs also deserve a place where they can run free. This place should not be taken away or there will be no more place for people to take their dogs out and there will be no more wildlife left in Charlottetown. Charlottetown has always been a wholesome small city and now they are slowly turning it into a big city. It will cause us to lose a lot of tourism if they keep taking places such as this away.

  34. Kerry Weaver Says:

    Upton Farm should be protected. We go there every day…

  35. Melissa Says:

    Was at upton for the first time-beautiful place to take the dogs!!

  36. Jennifer Says:

    Excellent place to walk the dogs. The scenery is beautiful all year round.

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