Join in the effort to save Upton Farm


Charlottetown resident Tim Banks, pictured here with Kirsten Connor of the Upton Farm Preservation Network, shows his support for keeping Upton Farm green.

The Guardian 29.05.07

Working to preserve Upton Farm

As congratulations pour in to the Upton Farm Network, please allow me space to share credit for the accomplishments to date with all our network supporters and with the visionary politicians who are working with us to accomplish the goal of keeping the Upton Farm public and green.
It is also time to inform all the thousands of supporters across the Island, that although the start of development has been delayed, there is no firm commitment that it has been cancelled.
City council has requested that Canada Lands withdraw its development application, but an official reply to that has not yet been received.
The legislature of P.E.I. voted unanimously for a resolution to ask the federal government for an 18-month moratorium on any development. Premier Binns has taken personal action, as has Mayor Clifford Lee, by writing letters to Lawrence Cannon, minister responsible for Canada Lands Corporation.
It is most gratifying that the awareness of the pending loss of Upton Farm has created such a large network committed to work to leave the lands public and green. It is particularly appreciated that esteemed organizations such as the P.E.I. Shell Fishers Association and the Women’s Institute, among others, have lent their support.
Under the mandate of Canada Lands Corporation there are opportunities to spearhead and create projects that the community asks for and supports. The challenge now is to work with Canada Lands Corporation to create green infrastructure that would leave all of Upton Farm as an environmental asset in the form of an urban forest and green space for public recreational use and enjoyment for generations to come.    
We ask all Islanders to join in the effort to save Upton Farm by lending support to our elected officials as they continue to engage the federal government and Canada Lands Corporation in  talks and solutions.
Visit our webpage to find out how you can lend a personal hand. Let’s not rest until we reach our goal.
Kirsten Connor,
for the Upton Farm Preservation Network


13 Responses to “Join in the effort to save Upton Farm”

  1. Harold Steves Says:

    Congratulations on your efforts to save Upton Farm.

    We are involved in a similar effort to keep the Garden City Lands in Richmond BC “public and green”. The Canada Lands corporation is attempting to develop 48 acres of high density housing on virgin agricultural land. Their first attempt was thwarted by the BC Agriculturqal Land Commission last year. The Commission turned the CLC application down to remove the land from the BC Agricultural Land Reserve. However, the CLC is applying again.

    Like the Upton Farm, our proposal is for urban agriculture and ” public recreational use and enjoyment for generations to come”.

    Unfortunately the CLC has a single purpose mandate to use development of farmland and open space to sell assets at a profit regardless of the needs of Canadians at either end of the country.

  2. Karen Harris Says:

    Woodwynn Valley is currently under attack to rezone 192acre A1 ALR as insitutional to house a 90 bed plus staff rehab/trade school homeless population with 120 seat restaurant, industrial kitchens, gymnasium class and consulting rooms and offices. Advertised as an organic farm experience this land would need 5/7 years to recover to an organic status and is part of a complicated alliance of pre olympic funding & Royal Roads Univ. Real Estate offer is accepted pending zoning change
    What route did you follow toward community purchase? We would like it to be a working heritage farm with linear parkspace on the perimeter as other valley 100acre farms will soon be available to consolidate. Advice?
    Located near Brentwood Bay, Central Saanich, Vancouver Island, B.C. the funding available to clean up downtown Victoria for the Olympics makes funding possible for a homeless project we don’t want. We as a community have raised pledges of $400,000.00 in one week which gives us hope to counter the real estate offer which is tied up in 17 subject to clauses. Time is tight, any advice appreciated.

  3. Peggy Reynolds Says:

    Going to Upton Farm is such an enjoyable time for me and my two Yorkies. I cannot think of another place that I can take the dogs and let them run off leash and feel confident about their safety.
    I enjoy the socialization with the other dog owners and also seeing the different breeds of dogs, big and small, all getting along together.
    I really hope we as dog owners get to use the farm for our walks for many years to come.

  4. Paul Trewin Says:

    Love the fact that I can take my Border Collie to Upton Farm. She loves it there. She can run and play with the other dogs off her leash. A 30 minute run at Upton Farm would be like a 3 hour walk to give her the same amount of exercise.

  5. Peggy Reynolds Says:

    After watching the interview on Compass a couple of days ago I am afraid our off leash dog walks will soon come to an end at Upton Farms.
    I did take out a membership at the meeting on May 31st, 2012 as I was under the impression that some space was going to be left for off leash dog walking. The TV interview seemed to contradict this fact.
    I won’t be joining next year……….There will be no point in travelling to Upton Farms to walk the dogs on leash…….I can do that anywhere.
    It was a great outing. Tucker & Star and I will miss our special time at Upton Farms.
    Peggy Reynolds

  6. uptonfarm Says:

    Peggy, as often happens in those stories, the real meat of the story gets cut out and what remains can be misleading.

    While the story did seem to sound that way, I can assure you that the board is working hard to come up with a great plan for off-leash walking.

    • Peggy Reynolds Says:

      I really do hope that happens. I can understand both points of view on the subject but I do have to side on the off leash dog concept as it really is an enjoyable time for me, speaking with other dog walkers and watching the dogs playing and just enjoying their freedom so much.

  7. Doug MacDonald Says:

    At the Beach Grove Road entrance to the Beach Grove Trail is posted a sign which reads as follows:
    “DOG CONTROL BYLAW:- As per Bylaw of the City of Charlottetown relating to the control of dogs:
    6.2(a) Any dog owner who permits his dog to run at large within the boundaries of the City is guilty of an offense.
    Every person who commits an offense under this Bylaw is guilty and is punishable by a fine of not less than $100.00 and not more than $500.00; or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 90 days; or both.
    For any concerns please contact the PEI Humane Society at 892-1191”

    Upton Farm Park is totally within the boundaries of the City of Charlottetown.

  8. Paul Trewin Says:


    Laws need to be applied in a reasonable manner. Since the sign is posted at the Beach Grove Trails, it is clear that the bylaw is expected to be followed at this location. However there is an off leash dog park behind the PEI Humane Society. It is totally within the boundaries of the City of Charlottetown. Are you telling me that since we have this bylaw, everyone using the off leash dog park at the Humane Society are breaking the law and are subject to fines and imprisonment? What about a fully fenced backyard? The backyard is still in the city of Charlottetown. There are farms within the boundaries of the City of Charlottetown. Do we expect farm dogs to be on a leash?

    I suspect if this bylaw was ever challenged in court, the City would lose as it is too broadly written and could apply in situations sited above that clearly would unreasonably restrict the rights of its residents and visitors.

  9. uptonfarm Says:

    1.15 “Run at large” means an unleashed dog:
    (a) in a public place, or
    (b) on private property other than that of the owner of the dog without the permission of the owner or occupant thereof.

    The Upton Farmlands are the property of the Upton Farm Trust Inc (private).

    Hope that helps.

  10. Peggy Reynolds Says:

    I am getting mixed messages here. Are we still allowed to use the part of Upton Farms for off leash dog walking that we are using at the present time? I never cross the road to go to Beach Grove……..I am not even sure where that is and really don’t care anyway.
    Do we have permission of Upton Farms Trust Inc. to let the dogs off leash for now anyway?

  11. uptonfarm Says:

    Hi Peggy. I will get a definitive answer to your question at the next board meeting in a few weeks. To the best of my knowledge, the ‘status quo’ applies until further notice.

    The board is working on a plan that will define areas for off-leash, but that has yet to be finalized.

    Thanks for your patience and enjoy Upton!

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