The formation of the Trust and the transfer of the land to the Trust is still in progress and details of operations will be adopted on the advice of the lawyers involved and in accordance with the MOU as work proceeds. Another up-date will be posted as soon as more information becomes available. Please note that the deadline of December 15, 2009 for completion of the Trust has been extended to February 15, 2010 due to unforeseen delays.


4 Responses to “UFPN UP-DATE”

  1. Nancy Says:

    As someone who uses Upton Farm, I was wondering what is going on. I’ve been told by some that the construction will be starting shortly, is this true? When construction start, will we still have access to the path for walking? Why have the potholes in the path been filled in (not that I mind them being filled at all)? Thanks

    • uptonfarm Says:

      “Thank you for asking.
      The Upton Farm Preservation Network is currently working with the Provincial Government establishing the Upton Farm Trust, which will preserve 152 acres of the Upton Farm lands along the North River and on both sides of the Trans Canada Highway as green space in perpetuity. This does not include 65 acres along the Upton Road, which will be used for a Bio Science Park. Construction on the Bio Science Park section will not have any effect on the use of the rest of the land, as the lot line for it is parallel to the path but 250 feet east of it.
      So carry on as usual, – and in perpetuity once the Trust takes effect.
      Kirsten Connor
      for UFPN”

  2. Su Hutchinson Says:

    As regular walkers at Upton Farm, we are quite astounded to see the level of preparation for construction across the entire property. Further, the various discussions that are occuring amongst users notes a lack of clarity and surprise and the extent of the land use that is being absorbed in the construction. This is crossing well into what as far as we can see from the agreement is preserved green space land. Might you be able to offer clarity on this – or perhpas direct us to a place for that information?

    With kindest regards,

    Su Hutchinson & Graham Mitchell

    • uptonfarm Says:

      Hi Su. We just posted a brief comment and will be posting additional information soon. Sorry for the delays in getting this information out. We wanted to have all the information together first.

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