You are Welcome to Attend the



MAY 31, 2012 AT 7:00 p.m.

at the

West Royalty Community Centre

The Upton Room

Lower Malpeque Road

The transfer of the land from the Government to the Upton Farm Trust has now been completed and the farm has been designated as a Natural Area under the Natural Areas Protection Act.  The full NAPA document can be seen at,  or

Future plans include off-leash dog park location and enhancement of the property with hedgerows, tree planting and other plans. Consultant, Tina Beers, will lead a discussion as part of the meeting, for the purpose of gathering ideas and input, as we look to the future.

We hope you will familiarize yourself with the NAPA agreement, as we are asking for your thoughts and ideas to make this green space the best it can be and for the enjoyment for everyone.

1. Welcome
2. Chairman’s Report and Questions
3. Treasurer’s Report and Questions
4. Discussion on Future Plans
6. Other business
7. Adjournment

PS. There will be opportunities before and after the meeting to purchase memberships in the Upton Farm Trust Inc. at an annual fee of $10.00 per person.


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  1. Melissa Belvadi Says:

    I am very interested in the meeting and purchasing a membership but I have another commitment that particular evening. I hope that someone can post contact information regarding how one can submit input to the consultant, and purchase a membership, in other ways besides attending the meeting.

    Specific comments: when most people say “dog park” they think of a big rectangular fenced in area that is fine for dogs but gives their owners no serious opportunity for exercise too. I hope the Upton plans include a large and interesting enough area that it will be a pleasure for the humans to walk around with their dogs. Also that it includes access to the river edge, as many dogs love to swim and play fetch at the edge of the river now.

    Other: I’m not sure if this is included in the described boundaries, but it would be very nice if the forested area that stretches along the northeastern side of the parking lot/main walking path had running in the middle of its length a moderately cleared path for walking, much like you find running through the middle of the “forest” in the middle of Victoria Park – unpaved, certainly, but cleared enough to walk comfortably. I’ll bet we could pull together a bunch of volunteers with branch cutters to help clear such a path and then likely all the people using it would keep it clear.

    • uptonfarm Says:

      Hi Melissa.

      Yes, you can join the Upton Trust at another time. You can also send your comments to the following email address: and I will send your comments to the consultant and board.

      Your message above has been given to the board already. Sorry we won’t see you at the meeting, but hope you stay in touch and keep checking the site for more information as it comes along.

  2. Susana Rutherford Says:

    I was unable to attend your meeting but I have heard through the rumor mill that the designated off leash area will be a small area in one corner of the land.
    While I applaud the efforts you have made to preserve this land and am in favour of re-willding the area through planting of native species and a well designed trail system I would really like to see a substantial area of trails remain as off leash trails. The current use of the old asphalt road provides a I km walk for both me and my dog. I often make a circle route round the perimeter of the north property for a longer walk for my health and my dogs health. Perhaps you might consider a mix of off leash and on leash trails rather than a little corner for off leash. I do agree that a effort to get pet owners to stoop and scoop would be healthier for everyone.
    Have a look at Point Pleasant Park’s use of both on leash and off leash trails, Thanks Susana

  3. uptonfarm Says:

    Hi Susan.

    Sorry we missed you at the meeting. Your comments will be forwarded to the board and our consultant. Please note that no decision has been made yet as to the location of an off-leash area. We are working very hard to come up with a solution that will best suit the land, the dog walkers, the non-dog walkers, the wildlife and the NAPA agreement.

    Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. I will do some reading on what Point Pleasant has come up with and pass it along as well.

    Heidi Hyndman
    Board of Trustees

  4. Gerry Garden Says:

    My dog, Sidney and I are frequent users of the Upton Park. Having said that, I am surprised to hear that the off-leash area will be minimized.

    I’ve have been singing the Upton Farmlands’ praises in terms of an ideal place for off-leash dogs. The perfect location has allowed them so much freedom to run through the fields, woods, and swim in addition to socializing with other dogs.

    Taking into consideration the ever-increasing number of off-leash dog owners who utilize the Upton Park property, I am praying the plan will not resemble the Humane Society’s outside confined quarters. This would be very disapppointing.

    Hopefully, the committee’s vision is to develop a reasonably sized area for our off-leash pets.

  5. uptonfarm Says:

    Gerry, I totally agree that it is the perfect location to walk our dogs.

    That said, we do have some restrictions that we must now work with. Keep in mind, that the alternative was an extension of the Industrial Park. The fact that the land is now persevered is a wonderful thing. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go back through this site and see the years of history and especially the amount of work that went into saving this land for green space. It was a monumental task.

    I assure you that the Upton Trust Inc board is taking the opinions and ideas of the frequent users of the space seriously and we are doing our best to come up with a great off-leash area. This is not an easy task keeping such things as the NAPA agreement and financial considerations.

    We are also working with a consultant who we hope can come up with a creative solution.

    Stay tuned!

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