First Annual General Meeting


Thank you to all that were able to attend the 1st Annual General Meeting up the Upton Trust.

Please see below for more information, including the report received by Tina Beers, from BDA Landscape Architects.

AGM Minutes 

Presidents Remarks

Treasurer’s Report

Consultants Report



4 Responses to “First Annual General Meeting”

  1. Kathy Roney Says:


    Unfortunately I was out of town and not able to attend your AGM.

    I frequently walk my two dogs at the farm. To me it is important to retain a large portion as off leash dog walk because it is the only public rural area where dogs can run freely. My dogs are smaller dogs but off leash I have never seen any serious aggression between any dogs big or small. The most aggression I have seen is from dogs who are on leash.

    I also have not ever witnessed any aggression towards people who are not with dogs.

    It is important to keep a significant off leash dog walk for dogs exercise and also human exercise.This area is as important physically and psychologically for me as it is for my dogs and I think for many people.

    There are many recreational areas available to humans but only this one for dogs and humans. I do not count the park at the Humane Society as it does not allow for the same experience and frankly there I have seen more dog aggression and fear from my dogs than I have ever seen at the farm.

    I would be interested in helping save the farm but am concerned about some of the rumours that I have heard. I did not see these rumours outlined in the minutes. The consultants report does outline several options and of course my interest is in preserving the majority of the area for the dogs. They are the largest user group.

    I have one question about the private property signs recently erected along the paved walk just behind the new building. I did not think they owned the land that close to the walk. Can you enlighten me?


    Kathy Roney
    232 North River Road
    Charlottetown, PE C1A3L7


  2. uptonfarm Says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for your letter.

    As for the minutes, they are really only to reflect what was decided/actioned. We do not record general discussion (although our consultant did). I am not sure what ‘rumours’ you are referring to, so I can’t address them.

    We are looking into the signs. Thank you.

  3. mbelvadi2 Says:

    I read the consultant’s report and just want to add my experience to one point. I had heard a little late about the water spot mid-park that others say is contaminated (and is apparently slated to be tested for bacteria). My elderly black lab runs down there every visit and gets soaked and drinks a couple of mouthfuls and has never shown any sign of illness from it. She always heads straight there – if the river is at low tide, that spot is her favorite in the park. I’ve seen a few other large dogs also head down there so their owners too apparently aren’t concerned.

    I hope that before it gets fenced off, the test is completed to confirm it’s necessary. Maybe the anecdotes about sick dogs is old information that no longer applies? Or maybe different dogs just have different tolerances for these kinds of things.

  4. Kathy Kennedy Says:

    I have never looked at this info before…I hope you did not spend too much for this report!!!

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