“No Trespassing” signs

For those who have inquired about these signs, we are looking into it.

Please note that these signs were not put in place by the Upton Farm Trust Inc and are on Upton Farm property.  They will be moved in the near future.



9 Responses to ““No Trespassing” signs”

  1. Kathy Kennedy Says:

    I have noticed the No Trespassing Signs that have been erected have been moved closer to the paved lane again. There are rumors that the Government is looking for more land. Is this true? Who should we call to confirm? Is it still the Depatment of Innovation? The field has been cut so people are wondering about all of the above.

  2. Island Journalist Says:

    Sounds like something the Upton Trust Board should be aware of. Are they? If not, why not? If so, why aren’t they sharing what they know?

  3. uptonfarm Says:

    There appears to be a misunderstanding on the part of the Government regarding the borderlines with the Bio-Science Park.

    The Board is in the process of seeking action from the Government. Further information will be forthcoming as their work progresses.

  4. Gloria Says:


    I am bring my dog to Charlottetown PEI in a few weeks. I was doing a search for off-leash area for her to run and came across this site. I am confused if we are allowed to use it or not. Can someone clarify?
    Thanks in advance,

    Gloria ( halifax NS)

  5. uptonfarm Says:

    Hi Gloria,

    Yes, by all means, you are welcome to use the property! Right now, there are no restrictions on where dogs can be, but that will be changing sometime in the future. When changes happen, the site will be updated.

    Thanks, and please pick up after your dog while there.

    Upton Trust Inc.

  6. Island Journalist Says:

    Hi, Upton Farm – the comment from Gloria indicates the desire/need for tourists to have a large, off-leash area to exercise their dogs when they visit the Island. As you know, PEI is woefully lacking in this type of amenity. Gloria’s comment can lend serious weight to our work to keep a proper off-leash area at Upton Farm if it is brought to the attention of the powers-that-be. Also, the comment indicates a need to clearly state as a “first up” blog post that Upton Farm is an off-leash dog park, open and welcome to all who would like to use it, as long as they scoop the poop and their dog behaves. I know you stated that in your reply to Gloria, but people may not drill down that far to get the information.

  7. Kathy Kennedy Says:

    Have been gone for a couple of weeks but it appears that the survey markers that have been to the right of the paved middle roadway have been removed. Do you suppose there is more here than meets the eye? Which Government Dept is responsible? Is it Innovation? Is Melissa MacEacheran the Deputy? Have you looked into this?

  8. Gloria Boudreau Says:

    Thank you for the information. We look forward to viewing your beautiful Island and will make sure to clean up after ourselves and the dog.

    Best Regards,

    Gloria Boudreau ( Halifax NS)

  9. uptonfarm Says:

    It appears that there was some miscommunication/misunderstanding in regards to the terms of the Development Agreement that we hope will be sorted out in the near future.

    As for the boundary to the right of the road, there is definitely an issue. We met this week with the Department of Innovation and are hoping for a resolution to the matter soon. We will keep you posted on this site when we know more.

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