Master Plan

We are currently soliciting Proposals for a Master Plan of the Upton Farmlands property.  For more information, please see the attached documents.  Requests for Proposal(s) have already been sent out.

Provincial and Upton Farmlands - Connectivity

RFP – Upton Farmlands December 21, 2013


Addendum to Upton Farmlands Request for Proposals – Jan 2013







7 Responses to “Master Plan”

  1. grant Says:

    This proposal closed in January.
    Do members get a chance to review the proposals?

  2. uptonfarm Says:

    Hi Grant. I am unsure of the protocol, but will look into it. Not all were in digital format……

  3. uptonfarm Says:

    Hi again. It doesn’t look like the proposals can be published. However, I think when/if we select a ‘winner’, we may be able to post that one?

    Also, there will be extensive consultation with users/interest groups/public when the planning gets underway. These initial proposals are more about methodology/resources/$$ and such…..

  4. Island Journalist Says:

    Unless I am mistaken, the RFP’s include more than methodology, resources and dollars. The bidders were asked to include analysis of present uses as well as a visualization for future uses of Upton Farm. It made sense that users should be asked to comment prior to a decision being made on the successful bidder. I realize it is now too late for this, unfortunately.

  5. uptonfarm Says:

    Island Journalist, a few comments…….first, we had a very short time line between learning of the funding possibility and the deadline for submission.

    Second, I am not sure how we could possibly put this out to hundreds of users for feedback in any efficient way? The Upton Farm board’s mandate is to manage to land. This falls under management.

    There will be extensive consultation with users IF we ever get the funding to proceed with a Master Plan. The bureaucratic wheels spin very slowly.

  6. mbelvadi2 Says:

    How could the Board possibly put out to hundreds of users a proposal for feedback in an efficient way? I don’t understand how that question can be posted on exactly the medium that answers the question, namely the Internet blog of the organization. This kind of communication is EXACTLY what blogs are designed for.

    As to whether proposals are received in digital format or not, there are many freely available scanners in this community which can convert a paper document into a digital one suitable for upload to this site. There is a very high quality one that any member of the public may use, at the UPEI Robertson Library, which has extensive evening and weekend hours as well as staff able to provide technical assistance to members of the public wishing to use that scanner.

  7. granitizeGrant Johnson Says:

    As a paying member of the Upton Farm Trust I would expect to recieve communication on a regular basis – call it a bi-monthly status update – and be able to participate in the management of the green space. Otherwise what is the point of the membership? Members should not be treated as soley an observing member of the public who vote for board members.

    My interests lie in the beautification and preservation of this space in a manner that can communicate its history, open up natural spaces for walkers, joggers, families and dog-walkers while making natural educational opportunities available.

    There are many lovely parks accross Canada that satisfy all these conditions without erecting fences and applying unenforcable rules.

    Please use the expertise, passion and ideas and of your membership to help make this a wonderful place for everyone by commuunicating openly.

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