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10 Responses to “ANNUAL MEETING”

  1. granitize Says:

    Please post the agenda so people know what will be discussed.


    • uptonfarm Says:

      I rec’d the Agenda on the evening of the 21st via email. I was unexpectedly delayed due to a family illness and by the time I read it, the meeting was over. My sincere apologies. Won’t happen again.

  2. uptonfarm Says:

    Will do so once it is drawn up.

  3. Island Journalist Says:

    Still not drawn up, I guess. 😉 Looking forward to the after-meeting report.

  4. mbelvadi2 Says:

    It should be noted for future meetings that according to Robert’s Rules of Order, all official officer reports, including the Chair/President’s Report, after being presented, need to be moved for acceptance, then seconded, then the floor needs to be opened for discussion of the report after which the vote to accept the report is taken. That procedure was not followed tonight, and in fact the Chair explicitly denied any discussion of the report in the report itself by stating in it that discussion of the report should be held to a later agenda item, the Question and Answer period, which would of course take place after the acceptance vote of the report itself. There were other clear violations of Roberts’ Rules throughout the meeting, many of which were similar failures to allow for discussion prior to the approval votes of agenda items, including the failure to even move the agenda itself, which would have reduced much of the conflict which ensued. Such violations put the Chair itself in violation of the organization’s ByLaws, at least as described by the Chair, as they were not made available at the meeting, and call into question the legitimacy of the entire Annual Meeting and any decisions made during it, including the election of new Board members.

  5. John morris Says:

    Was there many people at this meeting? I paid to be a member but have not received any information in relation to the agm…

  6. uptonfarm Says:

    John-All members from last year, who left an e-mail addresses were sent a reminder.

    As required, the meeting was advertised in the Guardian once. Over and above that, it was in Community Events in the Guardian, posted at bulletin boards in several large grocery stores and the Farmer Market, as well as at Upton Farm and on our web page.

    I understand about 35 attended.

  7. uptonfarm Says:

    The Upton board has not adopted Robert’s Rules of Order.

    Please note that this board is made up of volunteers, and there will always be room for improvement! Your comments are duly noted and I will bring them to the next meeting for discussion.

  8. Kathy Kennedy Says:

    I am looking for the June 13/13 article in the Guardian where it was announced “City Names Consultant to work on Upton Farmland”. I would love to re-read it. Thanks.

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