Seasons Greetings!

Merry Christmas from the Upton Trust!

First, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
As we are just more than 6 months past our AGM, I thought I would send out a brief update on where we are on the various issues concerning the property.
#1-NAPA-  We met with some of the NAPA Technical Advisory Committee last summer. While this continues to take much longer than we ever imagined, we now have an official meeting with the NAPA-TAC on January 15th and hopefully, our designation will follow soon after.
#2-Boundary Line- The land being returned to the Upton Farm Trust was surveyed and the subdivision approved by the City.  We are currently awaiting IRAC approval and the eastern boundary line between Upton and the Biocommons will finally be settled.
#3-Charitable Status/Canada Revenue Agency- We recently published in the Guardian that we need to make some changes to our bylaws to satisfy CRA’s very stringent guidelines that will enable us to be a registered charity.  There will be a vote at the next AGM to approve these changes, assuming CRA approves of our new version.
#4-Off leash zone- Due to complaints from nearby residents, it was decided that fencing will be required before we can officially open the approved off leash zone.  We also need to enter into a License Agreement with the Province to use their property.  We do not have the funds for the fence at this time and are seeking various avenues for this project.  Once these two issues are resolved, the new off leash/on leash zones will be in effect.
#5- Culvert- Once again, the northern culvert has failed.  We are doing our best to fix it, but are once again faced with financial constraints.  Hopefully we can, at least, temporarily fix it and come up with a long term solution in the new year.
#6-Deputy Minister (TIR) Brian Douglas has resigned from the board as he is retiring from public service.  We do not yet know who will be replacing him.
This covers the major issues that we, as a board, are currently working on.
The tentative date for the 2015 AGM is June 4/15.  Confirmation to follow.
Heidi Hyndman
Upton Farm Trust Inc

2 Responses to “Seasons Greetings!”

  1. mbelvadi2 Says:

    I see a big problem with the fencing issue. We can’t build the fence on the government land, only on our own, right? But to build it on our own means we’ll cut ourselves off from the use of the government land which was intended to extend the usable area in that same direction.

    I don’t understand why the fence is necessary. The nearby residents do not directly border the property as there is a public road in between. That means that any off-leash dog that trespasses onto their land has at that point fully left the Trust property (and even the government-owned property) and illegally crossed a Charlottetown street. Charlottetown City ordinances should apply to this situation, and it should not be the concern of the Trust, nor require expensive investment (ie fencing) on the part of the Trust to solve.

    I understand that the residents don’t like off-leash dogs on their property. However, all Charlottetown homeowners everywhere in the city have occasion to deal with off-leash dogs owned by their neighbors. I seriously doubt that these particular residents have a worse problem than other homeowners in the City – they just have an easier target to blame – it’s always easier to criticize an organization than one’s neighbors who are people you meet face to face.

    I request that the Board reconsider this decision or at least require the involved homeowners to provide substantial documentation of the frequency of the problem (if they haven’t already done so) before accepting responsibility for this onerous expense.

  2. uptonfarm Says:

    We are entering into a “License Agreement” with the Province to use their property and will be putting the fence on that land. The fence will be located close to the Hurry Road. If the Upton Farm Trust wants to use this adjacent government property to expand the area of the off-leash zone, a fence is a requirement to that agreement.

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