NAPA Presentation

Here is a link to a presentation that was given to Ministers Mitchell and Biggar in October 2015.

It explains many of the reasons that the Trust believes so strongly in the benefits of being under the Natural Areas Protections Act.




11 Responses to “NAPA Presentation”

  1. Sarah Lea Says:

    Where do I find info on the walking trails”??

  2. uptonfarm Says:

    You can go here to see the Master Plan. We are still working on where trails will go. We will need new trails in the off leash area to allow people to utilize the entire area. That will be a priority.

  3. randi sandford Says:

    Some time ago the Upton Farm board announced to the media that NAPA designation had been granted.
    However no such announcement has appeared on this web site and there has been no official public government announcement or advertisement as the law requires.
    Could you please state the currant NAPA status for Upton Farmlands.
    Thank you.

  4. uptonfarm Says:

    Yes, we are now NAPA designated. I cannot speak as to why Government has not made an official announcement. We had planned to announce it in a joint press release but after several delays, we went ahead and announced it ourselves. (We announced our designation on CBC and of course, our membership was notified.)

    Thank you for your interest.

  5. randi sandford Says:

    Thank you for that. Can we expect an announcement with details of what this designation means to be posted here? A copy of an official letter you have received, that you can post ?
    I am interest to know just where I can legally let my dog run free.
    Thank you.

  6. uptonfarm Says:

    Hi, Randi. We will be designating a portion of the property as OFF LEASH, eventually. We ran into some problems which have caused more delays. So, for the time being, there are no restrictions on the NORTH side of the highway. And yes, as soon as this changes, and we disignatie certain areas, we will post on this site.

    (No dogs will be permitted on the SOUTH side of the property (near the new PE home).


  7. randi sandford Says:

    Great news, thanks for your quick reply.
    If I understand it right then, the whole North side if OFF L:EASH for now?
    Why would you change that, eventually? Can you share the problems you ran into, maybe users like myself can help to keep it all off-leash for good, as it is now.
    PS. I will not be running a constant conversation here, just trying, as a newcomer to the Island, to get things straight.

  8. uptonfarm Says:

    Randi, I understand you are new to this, but some of us have been at it for over a decade. There is a great deal of discussion and debate that has taken place over that time and you can find a lot of it on facebook. In a nutshell, we are restricted by our deal with government that got us the ownership of the land in the first place, and subsequently by NAPA. UPTON was never going to be all off leash. There is no possible way to make that happen. We are bound by agreements and the law. There WILL be at least 20 acres that will be designated off leash, but for now, yes, the entire north side is temporarily off leash.

  9. uptonfarm Says:

    On Facebook, go to CAHRLOTTETOWN UPTON ROAD DOG PARK or SAVE UPTON FARM. If you go back through old posts, you might find some useful information.

  10. david Says:

    Is this organization out of business, or is news posted elsewhere?

  11. uptonfarm Says:

    Hi David. No, we are still here. Just no news to report. We do have an AGM coming up and also, if you have any questions, ask away or email us at

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