AGM 2017

The Upton Farm Trust AGM for 2017 will be held on Wednesday, June 7/17.

Location: West Royalty Community Center, The Upton Room (upstairs)
Time : 7:00pm
Agenda, etc, to follow.
Thank you,
The Upton Farm Trust Inc

3 Responses to “AGM 2017”

  1. amid Says:

    thank you for posting the meeting info.
    as per the minutes new by-laws were to come before a second meeting.
    if that meeting took place will the minutes of that meeting and the new by-laws, if passed, be posted soon.
    as a new park user, I would like to help out and become involved, and would like to read the by-laws, and see how the nomination process works for becoming a board member.
    how many board seats are up for election at the AGM 2017?

  2. uptonfarm Says:

    Amid, all Upton Farm Trust members were given the new bylaws and invited to the special meeting where those bylaws were unanimously passed. Yes, I can post the bylaws on this site. I’m sure our secretary did minutes and I’ll look into that. That was the only agenda item at that meeting, so nothing more to the minutes than that. As for the nomination process, the board typically puts names forward at the AGM and nominations from the floor (members) also will be opened. There will be three seats to be filled on the board. As I don’t think you are a member, I encourage you to become one at the upcoming AGM. If you are interested in being on the board, you can send me some more information ( Or simply sign up at the meeting and put your name forward at that time. Feel free to email me with additional questions! Hope to see you at the AGM.

  3. granitize Says:

    Do we have any specific bylaws regarding picking up after your pet?

    Something that defines where and when, the exclusion clause (you know… deep in woods, un-pickupable), and consequences for non-compliance?

    I believe it is in the bylaws of the City of Charlottetown to pick up after your animal… do those bylaws apply?

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