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Master Plan

January 14, 2013

We are currently soliciting Proposals for a Master Plan of the Upton Farmlands property.  For more information, please see the attached documents.  Requests for Proposal(s) have already been sent out.

Provincial and Upton Farmlands - Connectivity

RFP – Upton Farmlands December 21, 2013


Addendum to Upton Farmlands Request for Proposals – Jan 2013






Kirsten Connor’s Speech from June Press Conference

July 13, 2009

Kirsten Speaks at Press Conference

Thank you. Ladies & Gentlemen.  Preserving this significant portion of the Upton Farmlands as green space for public use and in perpetuity is a testimony  to vision and cooperation.

A hundred years from now, when the Charlottetown area takes in half of Queens County, people will say, “where would we be without Upton Farm?”, just as we say today, – “where would we be without Victoria Park”.

When thousands of buildings have been built and torn down again, the Upton Farm will still be there in all its splendor and more valuable than ever.

The support for preserving this land has been extraordinary and enduring right from 2,000 people signing petitions three years ago to joining in with e-mails and calls later.

Many groups such as the Shellfishers’ Association, the Women’s Institute, Island Trails, the Rural Beautification Society, the Island Nature Trust and others supported  us.

Many hands and many minds have worked to reach this day.  I want to pay particular tribute to our small working group. We have met almost weekly for 2 ½ years, written thousands of e-mails and attended endless meetings.

Laurie McBurney, Kathy Kennedy, Cheryl Stead, Dianne Bradley, Katherine McQuaid, Jan Rankin-Collie and Heidi Hyndman are those dedicated and loyal people.

As well, we are indebted to our spouses and families for their interest, help and patience.

We also want to applaud Mayor Lee and City Council for their vision and courage early on.  Their support, along with that of both Government and Opposition Members of the Legislature, convinced Canada Lands Corporation to take a second look at the use of this beautifully situated land.

We commend Canada Lands Corporation for striking a Consultation Committee consisting of representatives from the City, the Province, CLC and our Network from which sprang the agreement announced here today.

There are only winners in this agreement.  The Bio-Science Campus, when designed well, will be compatible and will be a very attractive home for this concept.

The City will retain a valuable tax asset within City limits, along with having a green, impressive and memorable entrance to the Capital.

Canada Lands Corporation has fulfilled its mandate, both with regards to disposing of an asset, as well as listening to the community.

It has been a pleasure working with the Premier and government officials on this agreement, and in particular, noticing their understanding of the importance of securing preservation of this land in perpetuity.

I want to thank Premier Ghiz and Dr. Mayne and other government officials for respectful and courteous discourse throughout. It was a pleasure, thank you.

We look forward to continued pleasant cooperation as we work on the formation of the Upton Farm Trust. The full agreement can be found on our website at

In closing, I want to thank each and every one who helped in any way in accomplishing this great goal.
I hope that Upton Farm will give the citizens of this City and Province pleasure to the end of time. Let’s enjoy —–

The Beauty of Upton Farm

March 25, 2009
No words are needed to describe the beauty of Upton Farms. Help us save this land for the use of residents and visitors alike.

No words are needed to describe the beauty of Upton Farm. Help us save this land for the use of residents and visitors alike. Thanks to Heidi Hyndman for photo.

Acadian Commemoration at Upton Farm

September 28, 2008
Many came to the Acadian Commemoration at Upton

Many came to the Acadian Commemoration at Upton

L-R Dr. Doug Sobey, Yvette Murphy (in Acadian dress) & Georges Arsenault

L-R Dr. Doug Sobey, Yvette Murphy (in Acadian dress) & Georges Arsenault

On Sept. 14, historians Dr. Doug Sobey and Georges Arsenault intrigued an audience of over 50 interested listeners with the history of Acadian settlers on the Upton Farmlands. Dog walkers, passersby, Acadian history buffs, as well as Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy and PC candidate Tom Deblois listened to the presentation which took place on a hill overlooking the beautiful North River and the very location of the Acadian homesteads.

Upton Concert Venue Mock-up Photo Released

April 20, 2008

The Guardian is promising to release “a huge (five column) colour computer-generated photo of the proposed Upton Farm concert venue” in tomorrow’s paper. Here is what is proposed, via Coun. Rob Lantz’s website, Go to Coun. Lantz’s site to see a better picture. You can enlarge the photo at Coun. Lantz’s site as well, so you can see the details. Then let us, Coun. Lantz or the Guardian know what you think. Your feedback is important.

We’re working hard to save the Farm

January 29, 2008


Husky silhouetted by Upton Farm sunset. As you can see by the tracks in the snow, this property is well-used by residents for recreational purposes all winter long.

While the weather at times has been frightful, a core group of the Upton Farm Preservation Network Network continues to meet weekly. We have had discussions with provincial and city officials about the future of the Upton Farmlands, and we were keen observers of the Canada Lands presentation concerning the future of the Dominion Building on Queen Street in downtown Charlottetown.

Please keep in mind that the Upton Farmlands are not saved nor protected yet. There is merely a moratorium on development. We depend on your support as discussions with various officials continue.

On another note, if you’re in the mood (and the weather EVER cooperates) for a winter walk or snowshoe, with or without your four-legged friend, keep Upton Farm in mind. It has rolling hills for those who want a real workout and lots of straight paths for those who prefer more gentle exercise.

Winter Sunset Upton Farm

January 18, 2008


The weather may be cold, but if you bundle up and join the many walkers at Upton Farm near sunset, you’ll be treated to views like this as the sun drops below the horizon over the North River. Bring your puppy along with you to enjoy a romp with the other dogs, many of whom are regular visitors (along with their owners!) at this time of day.


December 13, 2007


Cold, delicately as the dark snow,
A fox’s nose touches twig, leaf;
Two eyes serve a movement, that now
And again now, and now, and now
Sets neat prints into the snow
Between trees, and warily a lame
Shadow lags by stump and in hollow
Of a body that is bold to come . . .

From “Thought-Fox” by Ted Hughes

Sometimes it just takes a glance to the edge of the path to see that a whole different world exists beyond our day-to-day concerns; and those who inhabit that world seem every bit as curious about us as we are about them.

Photo taken at Upton Farm by Kathy Kennedy


Farley Mowat Donates Land to NS Nature Trust: We Challenge CLC To Do Same in PEI

September 8, 2007


Author Farley Mowat and his wife, author Claire Mowat.

Well-known Canadian author Farley Mowat recently donated 200 acres of his Cape Breton property to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

 “Nova Scotia is like every other part of the western world, teetering on the edge of falling into some developer’s hands and being destroyed for money,” Mowat told CBC News.


Obviously, the perfect example of what Farley is talking about is what may happen to the Upton Farmlands. 

As you know, the Canada Lands Company (an arm of the federal government) is intent on selling this piece of PEI coastline, bought and paid for by the taxpayers of Canada decades ago, to real estate developers to be used for tract housing. 

CLC wants to divide up this beautiful property, located in an area of Charlottetown that already has hundreds of serviced housing lots for sale,  and sell it off piece by piece for yet another subdivision.

 We, and groups such as the PEI Shellfishers, have repeatedly asked that the Upton Farmlands be donated to the citizens of PEI for an urban forest and for recreational use.

If a private citizen like Farley Mowat can sacrifice  the monetary profit he could make on selling 200 acres of his Cape Breton coastal property for the betterment of our country, think how inspiring it would be if the government of Canada followed suit and donated the Upton Farmlands to its “real owners,” as Farley terms the people of Canada.

We challenge the Federal Government to follow Farley Mowat’s example.

The CBC story about Farley Mowat’s generous donation is here:

“Farley Mowat and his wife, Claire, are donating more than 200 acres of land on Cape Breton Island to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

The couple has lived in River Bourgeois for 30 years.

The iconic Canadian author and environmentalist is calling on other Nova Scotians to follow his example and help protect the province’s coastline by donating their land to the conservation charity.

“Nova Scotia is like every other part of the western world, teetering on the edge of falling into some developer’s hands and being destroyed for money,” Mowat told CBC News.

“But it is just at the crux, and at this point Claire and I have decided we should give it to its real owners.”

Mowat said they’ve closely studied the animals, birds, insects and plant life on their property, and are scared by the decline they have witnessed.

He said his family wants to make sure nothing interferes with the land that runs along the coast of St. Peter’s Bay.

The Mowats’ donation is being made through a federal tax incentive program.

Bonnie Sutherland, executive director of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, is delighted by the donation.

The land contains fresh water wetlands and bogs, two peninsulas with estuarial inland bays, beaches and a fresh water lagoon.

“So, it has a real diversity of habitats, a lot of different species that depend on this kind of property,” Sutherland said.

“I think it’s significant beyond this particular piece, which is affectionately known as Farley’s Ark, the place where he’s preserved these species and wants to see that natural oasis protected and preserved into the future.

“But it’s also really significant because of the context of Nova Scotia’s coastline where 95 per cent of the coast is in private hands.”

Farley Mowat is also taking on the role of patron for the Nature Trust’s Campaign for the Coast.

July at Upton Farm

July 24, 2007


There are no words to describe the view that one is privileged to see when walking the path at Upton Farm.  Just look, and enjoy, or better still, come out and see it for yourself. The breeze off the North River cools the hottest summer evening.

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