Update on Upton Farm Consultations #1

As a result of the efforts of the Upton Farm Preservation Network and at the request of Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee and PEI Premier Robert Ghiz, Canada Lands Company committed in early 2008 to undertake a new consultation process on the future of the entire Upton Farm property.To assist them, CLC engaged the Centre for the Development of Community Assets of the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI). Initially, the CUI met with approximately 30 stakeholders in Charlottetown, including those opposed to development of Upton Farm, to determine whether some sort of middle ground can be reached on the future of the property.

Based on the CUI’s meetings and further discussion with the City and the Province, CLC moved forward to reconvene the consultation process. The City, the Province, the Upton Farm Preservation Network, and CLC have agreed to participate in this process. The first meeting of the consultation group was on April 1, 2008.

CLC has agreed not to move forward with any type of development on the property while the consultation is underway.