Foxes and Eagles

To the Upton Farm Preservation Group: 

I took my little girl to the bus stop and started to chat with some other mothers from Cottonwood Drive. They had no idea what was going on [the Maypoint subdivision on the Upton Farmlands approved by Charlottetown City Council]. They were shocked when I mentioned the 350 and up housing that has already been semi-approved.

There are two foxes that walk past my house every night on their way up to Upton Farmlands. We had a bald eagle sitting on a tree behind my house a few weeks ago hunting ducks. My daughter, my brother and I all watched him for an hour. It was amazing…I’ve also seen him at Upton Farmlands.

We will be losing more than anyone realizes. I just moved to this neighbourhood a year ago. I don’t think people have any idea how lucky they are to have this green space to begin with.

Lorna Weatherbie