“The land belongs to people of Canada:” DeBlois

Tom DeBlois, the Charlottetown candidate for Conservative Party of Canada, released the following statement to the press on March 26, 2007. Thank you, Mr. DeBlois for your support and your efforts to protect this property for future generations of Canadians.

CHARLOTTETOWN – Tom DeBlois, Charlottetown candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, announced today that as he goes door-to-door, he is hearing a lot of concern expressed by residents about the move to sell and develop the Upton Farm property and what this decision would mean for the local area and the province.

“This is a golden opportunity to preserve this area as important green space, and that is the position I will support as your Member of Parliament,” said DeBlois.

DeBlois said he firmly believes the land belongs to the people of Canada and should be utilized in a manner that benefits as many people as possible.

“The previous federal government passed the land to the Canada Lands Company in 2001 as a way to avoid accountability for the decisions being made. Frankly, it is the responsibility of a Member of Parliament to involve the community in such important issues and take a stand,” said DeBlois.

Decisions made now will impact the land and area for generations to come because once green space is lost it cannot be recovered. DeBlois added that while housing is important, such development should not be the only focus as we strive to build a city that will be of pride to our children. As a business person, DeBlois said he knows the value of development, but he also appreciates the significance of maintaining important resources such as parks and viewscapes.DeBlois said there is rich heritage associated with the property, and he believes there is tremendous potential to preserve it in a manner that benefits the local area.“This is the area you first see when you enter our city. It encompasses over a mile of our coastline. I have signed the petition. I support efforts to preserve the land. I will proudly carry the petition to Ottawa and fight for preservation of Upton Farm,” said DeBlois.


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