Citizens, wildlife need intact Upton Farm

Citizens, wildlife need intact Upton Farm

The Guardian
April 2, 2007


As a person who walks every single day, with my dog as a companion, I have to wonder what would happen to the animals at Upton Farm if it were developed. I don’t mean cows or pigs or horses, the animals that used to live there. I mean the wildlife — foxes, eagles, squirrels, rabbits and birds of all kinds. Go have a listen. Then there are the dogs and their walkers. I have friends with arthritis and heart conditions who are unable some days to hold a leash to walk their dog. Maybe they walk with a cane. They are able to go to the wide open spaces at Upton Farm and get some fresh air and exercise.

We keep hearing that exercise is very important to our health. Folks of all ages and abilities are there walking everyday instead of sitting around or perhaps lining up to visit a medical clinic or the hospital.

City councillors have stated that the city has too much green space now. I fear they suffer from ‘rip ’er down and pave ’er’ mentality. When you look at the attitude of developing this land without any thought of the consequences, it is troubling.

Do we really feel this is a decision that should be made now or left up to our grandchildren or beyond? As the song says, “We gotta stop and look around.”

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Kathy Kennedy