“It will be turned into McSprawl”

The Guardian
March 29, 2007

Look for better ideas for our green spaces


Garry Doyle’s letter in the March 23 Guardian (‘Wow, what a vision…’ ) focuses the issue of the future of the Upton Farm’s green space exactly where it belongs: in the public eye.

I thought with the amalgamation of the smaller communities into a greater Charlottetown there would be some advantages for all. All I have seen until this move is increased taxes in the amalgamated communities. Now what I will see is that this wonderful waterfront property along the North River will be turned into McSprawl.

Surely in this day of heightened environmental awareness the default position of government has to be something other than private commercial development for existing green space.

I agree strongly with Mr. Doyle and with Dr. Nagarajan that this development plan be put in abeyance until Islanders can be consulted properly on the use of what is now public land. There have to be better stewardship ideas for green spaces than commercial development.

Darragh Mogan,

Photo Credit:

Ann MacNeill “Sees the Moment” Photography