Moratorium Needed: Collins & MacAleer


Charlottetown-area MLA’s Wayne Collins (right) and Wes MacAleer (left)  have added their support to the growing public demand to preserve the Upton Farmlands as green space

Canada Lands Corporation plans to begin work this spring on what will eventually become a 350-unit housing development on a major portion of the land, once operated as a farm by Agriculture Canada.

The property is located in District 15 Winsloe-West Royalty, now represented by Collins.

When the next provincial election is called, the area to be developed will become part of District 14 Charlottetown – Lewis Point, which will be contested by the veteran PC MLA MacAleer.

In late February both MLA’s hosted a Town Hall meeting, where over 70 area residents voiced strong opposition to the development plans, saying they want the Upton Farmlands to remain a natural green space for the enjoyment of all Islanders.

Collins said he believes there is currently no pressing need for more housing development in the area.

He said “Already in Winsloe and West Royalty, there are over 270 approved privately-developed residential lots available to the public.”

MacAleer said a moratorium is needed.

“It would give us an opportunity to carefully assess what options are available that could eventually lead to the preservation of these lands,” said MacAleer.

Both MLA’s say a ‘time-out’ is needed. Collins and MacAleer are calling on Canada Lands and the federal government to immediately declare the moratorium on development of Upton Farmlands.

Collins said “This is a rare opportunity to bestow a gift that will be cherished by Islanders long into the future.”

For further details contact:

Wayne Collins, Winsloe- West Royalty MLA, or

Wes MacAleer, Charlottetown – Spring Park MLA

368-4360 Government Members’ Office