Upton Background and Off-Leash Area

Why are we are fencing in a 20-acre portion of the property for OFF-LEASH use:

  1. Back in 2005/2006, a group of citizens lobbied government to ‘save Upton farm’ from development, as it was then owned by the Federal Government and was declared surplus. Development plans were well underway.
  2. After YEARS of lobbying all levels of government, public meetings, petitions, arbitration, negotiations, etc, The Upton Farm Trust was born and entered into agreements with the Provincial and Federal Governments to obtain possession of approximately 150 acres of land that is known as The Upton Farmlands. One of those essential agreements was that the land would be protected under the Natural Areas Protection Act of PEI (NAPA). The NAPA technical advisory committee agreed to consider UPTON if we limited the off-leash area to no more than 20% of the property on the north side of the TC highway.
  3. NAPA protects the land in many ways. It protects the property from future development, and also from expropriation by the government. It helps protect the natural elements and habitat for wildlife. It also means that the Trust does not pay property taxes. NAPA is essential for the future of Upton.
  4. Here is an excerpt from the NAPA deed: No more than 20%, that being 7.8 ha (19.7 ac), of parcel PID 1046259 may be designated by the Trust for and utilized as an off-leash zone for dogs and other pets. Off-leash zones are restricted to:(a) north of the stream hollow and outside of the wetland and watercourse; (b) south of the stream hollow in meadow managed areas within the riparian zone; (c) south of the stream hollow outside the riparian zone; and (d) within Trust designated off-leash shore accesses. No portion of parcel PID 1046242 may be utilized as an off-leash zone.
  5. We had the option of banning off-leash dogs until the infrastructure was in place, but we chose not to do that. We wanted people to use and enjoy the property while we waded through years of red tape and until we had the funds to proceed with the needed infrastructure. I truly hope that was not a mistake.
  6. The new and officially designated Off-Leash area at Upton will be one of the largest in Canada. It is also waterfront and within City limits. It is truly exceptional.
  7. We are asking people to please respect the changes and to see this as a win, not a loss. Please remember that you are more than welcome to walk your dog ON LEASH on the rest of the property.
  8. If you really don’t like the changes at Upton, you are free to use the only other designated off-leash park in Charlottetown, at the PEI Humane Society. They are an incredible organization and have provided this service for many years.
  9. If you wish to lobby the Province to change the 20% off-leash maximum, that is entirely within your right to do so. The Upton Trust is not able to change it. The fact that a small group of us were able to accomplish what we did, in securing this property for all to use and enjoy, is a testament to the power that we, as voters/taxpayer/citizens/volunteers, possess.
  10. PICK UP THE 💩 and please be kind to those working on the site….and to the other board members who volunteer on your behalf. Thank you!