Upton Farmlands will be a classroom for Jr. High Students!

Media Release October 18, 2012

Photo details –
Left to right
Grace Hickey –  Queen Charlotte, Grade 8 Student ,Allan Pendergast – Queen Charlotte teacher, Beth Hoar, Parkland Conservationist, City of Charlottetown, member of the Upon Farm Trust.  Looking on in the background -Heidi Hyndman, Board Member, Upton Farmland Trust, Kirsten Connor, Chair of Upton Farmland Trust.

Upton Farmland, PE –   School locations aren’t the only place you’ll be able to find students.  The Upton Farmland will play host for a morning to Queen Charlotte Intermediate High School. Students will be exploring hands-on Environment and learning more about nature around the public farmland.  The aim is to provide students in Grade 8 with fun, hands-on activities that will introduce them to the Environmental industry.

“Students and staff here at Queen Charlotte have just completed a three year project to convert our school courtyard from a paved parking lot into a beautiful, treed green space for leisure and learning.  We are happy to be able to continue the theme of practicing environmental literacy and action within our community by participating in this future oriented project.” States Allan Pendergast, Queen Charlotte Intermediate School.

“Getting youth out and engaged in nature is so important.  They not only learn about plants and wildlife in their own “backyard”, they become active participants in enhancing and protecting the communities they live in.” states Beth Hoar, Parkland Conservationist, City of Charlottetown, member of the Upon Farm Trust.

‘One of the goals of this afternoon is to encourage students to explore other careers, explore farmland in the City of Charlottetown and have fun while helping to protect over three hundred trees.” States Kirsten Connor, Chair of Upton Farmland Trust.

Fun isn’t going to be a problem for these grade eight students who will have a chance to connect their science and social studies curricula since their major theme this year is “Global and Environmental Literacy” states Allan Pendergast, Queen Charlotte Immediate School.

Event Highlights –
What – Tree Protectors Planning Event
Where – Upon Farm Land
When – Thursday, October 18, 2012
Who – Grade 8 students – Queen Charlotte Immediate School, City of Charlottetown and Upton Farmland Trust Inc
Time – 10:00am till 11:15am
For more information, please contact Paulette Waddell, TQM at 566-1628 or email @ paulettewaddell@hotmail.com