The Upton Farm, located on both sides of the Trans Canada Highway between the North River Causeway and the traffic light by the Upton Road, was part of the Federal Agricultural Research Farm.

The fields and mixed woods, start at the Beach Grove Forest Division and run along the shore of the North River to the proposed location of the arterial highway.

The land was transferred from Agriculture Canada to Canada Lands Company, whose mandate is to dispose at it for the best price. Their first plan is for a subdivision on the portion next to Beach Grove.

Our group believe that since this land is already owned by the people it should be left for the people. This large area should be left green for environmental and social reasons. The recreational value is immeasureable as are the benefits from an urban forest to aid with air purification.

A petition with over 1000 names has been presented to the Prime Minister, copied to the Minister responsible for Canada Lands, Lawrence Cannon as well as Minister Peter MacKay, responsible for ACOA. (See copy below)

Premier Binns and the Provincial Minister of Forestry, Mr. Ballem are aware of this effort. Minister Ballem, not too long ago, responding to a media question, gave a positive reply suggesting some interest on the part of the Province for preserving this land for future generations, either in the form of an urban forest or just a green belt along the North River.

Most people are unaware of what is about to happen to this beautiful slice of the Island landscape fringed along one side by the North River. Once aware everyone is pleased and eager for an opportunity to lend their voices to preserving this pristine land for future generations.

We ask you and like minded family, friends and organizations to add a voice of support for the already submitted petition by forwarding a short e-mail message or note expressing support for leaving the Upton Farm as a green belt and free of urban development, to each of the addresses of the following people.

Please do it immediately, time is of the essence.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Transport Minister Cannon, responsible for Canada Lands:

Minister responsible for ACOA and the Atlantic Provinces: (Ask that it be copied to Kevin MacAdam, who works in the Ministers office)

Premier Binns:

Minister of Forestry J. Ballem:

City Councilor Cecil Villard:

Please note: Letters of support for the Upton Farm Petition can be mailed to all MPs on Parliament Hill without postage.

Also, please, visit and urge other people to do the same:

For further information or suggestions or to offer help to work with the Upton Farm Preservation Network , please call: 892-3839

PETITION: (Copy for information only)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Lawrence Cannon, Min. of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.

WHEREAS the Government of Canada has declared the federally owned land formerly used by the Agricultural Research Station redundant

WHEREAS the total revenue from selling said land would, in the national scheme of things, be insignificant

WHEREAS there exists no shortage (quite the contrary) o f privately owned developmental land around Charlottetown and no dire need for public suburban development.

WHEREAS the Province of Prince Edward Island has a limited land base and the least green space per capita in the whole country

WHEREAS Prince Edward Islanders are unlikely, due to distance and means, to benefit from Government of Canada created great National Parks in the Western and Northern parts of our vast country

WHEREAS our National Capital of Ottawa is blessed with a “green belt” around it, the opportunity has come for Canada to do the same for ” The Confederation Capital” , Charlottetown, albeit on a much smaller scale.

WHEREAS the location of parts of the land cited above is of environmental significance as it is, on one side, adjacent to a green area and for long stretches runs along the banks of the North River, and is of esthetic importance as the green fields are adjacent on both sides to the Trans Canada Highway where it enters the City of Charlottetown,

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, individuals and organizations request that above mentioned land be set aside for preservation for the enjoyment and health of future generations.