We Asked, The Leaders Answered!

The Upton Farm Preservation Network wanted to find out where the Leaders of the four parties running for office in the provincial election stood on their commitment to support keeping Upton Farm as green space AFTER the election. It looks like there is an agreement in place for an 18-month moratorium on any development on the property NOW but what happens after that 18 months expires?

Here is our question and their answers:

“If elected, will you commit to preserving all the Upton Farm Lands and to establish a committee with representatives from all three levels of government and the Upton Farm Preservation Network to work on the next steps toward preserving all of the Upton Farm Lands as Green Space for future generations?”


Robert Ghiz, Leader, Liberal Party:

“Yes, I agree to this commitment.”

Dean Constable, Leader, Island New Democrats:

“100 per cent, yes!”

Pat Binns, Leader, Conservative Party: (as written by Peter McQuaid of Mr. Binns’ office):

The Premier stands firm on his position, as reported by CBC on May 3, 2007. He is fully behind a freeze on any development by Canada Lands at Upton Farm. He has written to Minister (Lawrence) Cannon on this issue and expects an answer very soon. As for your question, the Premier is fully committed to preserving the Upton Farm as greenspace. If re-elected, he will work with all interested parties to resolve the issues surrounding this property.

Sharon Labchuk, Leader, Green Party of PEI

 Yes, the Green Party very much supports preserving the Upton Farm Lands.  PEI has committed to setting aside 7% of our island as protected areas (well below the 12% the other provinces committed to) but has failed to achieve this goal.