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Master Plan

January 14, 2013

We are currently soliciting Proposals for a Master Plan of the Upton Farmlands property.  For more information, please see the attached documents.  Requests for Proposal(s) have already been sent out.

Provincial and Upton Farmlands - Connectivity

RFP – Upton Farmlands December 21, 2013


Addendum to Upton Farmlands Request for Proposals – Jan 2013






First Annual General Meeting

June 15, 2012


Thank you to all that were able to attend the 1st Annual General Meeting up the Upton Trust.

Please see below for more information, including the report received by Tina Beers, from BDA Landscape Architects.

AGM Minutes 

Presidents Remarks

Treasurer’s Report

Consultants Report


May 25, 2012

Below is a link for the full agreement between The Upton Farm Trust Inc and the Natural Areas Protections Act. Part of the agreement between the Upton Farm Preservation Network and the Provincial Government was that the land would be protected under this act.

Click here for full NAPA document.


August 23, 2011

“The Upton Farm Preservation network is pleased to announce that its goal has been reached for the most part.
After five years of work and negotiations, 138 acres are now in the ownership of Upton Farm Trust Inc. which is being managed by a board of trustees, as set out in the agreements and by-laws as posted here.
The Board will initiate long-term planning based on a Vision Plan endorsed by supporters of UFPN, Canada Lands Corporation, The Provincial Government and the City of Charlottetown. The original plan was posted on our site a very long time ago, and has now been incorporated into the by-laws.
The stewardship of the land rests in the hands of a volunteer board of trustees.
The members are: Kirsten Connor, President, Parker Grimmer, Beth Hoar, Heidi Hyndman, Dr. Douglas Sobey, Cheryl Stead and Barbara Trainor and Deputy Ministers Michael Mayne and John MacQuarrie.
Thanks to one expressed vision, perseverance and the loyal and hard work of the working group of UFPN, Dianne Bradley, Jan Rankin Collie, Heidi Hyndman, Kathy Kennedy,Laurie McBurney, Katherine McQuaid, Cheryl Stead, chaired by Kirsten Connor, and all the supporters, that gathered around that vision, all Islanders are today invited to share in celebrating this historic gift and to enjoy, relish and protect it in perpetuity.”        
Kirsten Connor
Petition for Incorporation
Option to Purchase
Letters Patent
Deed #2
Deed #1
Upton Farm Trust Development Agreement
Upton Farm Inc Bylaws

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