Birthplace Initiative

The Confederation Birthplace intiative website wants to know how YOU would spend some of the $2 million funding provided to Charlottetown to develop it as the Birthplace of Confederation.

From the website:

“In October, 2006, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency announced a commitment of $2-million as core funding for the Confederation Birthplace Initiative (CBI), a strategic effort designed to further develop Charlottetown’s unique position as the Birthplace of Confederation. The primary goal of the Initiative is to provide funding support for initiatives that contribute to enshrining Charlottetown in the minds of all Canadians as the Birthplace of Confederation from which Canada has grown and developed.”

Some of our members have gone to the website and provided this kind of input:

  •  “Leave the Upton Farmlands free of development and let a natural greenbelt greet visitors to Charlottetown. Left natural, it will be a reminder of what it looked like at the time of Confederation and will be much more memorable than anything artificial and contrived.”

 Can we ask you to do the same?