Did you know…

  • …that the concept plan approved by Charlottetown City Council for the Maypoint subdivision on the Upton Farmlands is exactly that — a CONCEPT plan? Did you know that real estate market demands will decide ultimately what will appear on that property? (for a picture of the concept plan, please click on “Pictures” in the right panel of this page).
  • …that the traffic study used to determine Charlottetown City Council’s approval of the Maypoint subdivision was done by a company chosen by the Canada Lands Company and the study was paid for by the CLC. [CLC is the federal Crown Corporation responsible for selling the Upton Farmlands to the highest bidder.]
  • …that the option of leaving the Upton Farmlands totally as greenspace was never given to the Upton Farm Advisory Group? [This group was the citizens’ panel  chosen by the CLC to give community input on the potential uses of this property.]
  • …that there were no representatives from the areas of the environment, recreation or health chosen by the CLC to be members of the Upton Farm Advisory Group?

Is this the right process to determine the best use of this land?


One Response to “Did you know…”

  1. Paul Says:

    You mean that there is NO REAL PLAN? Is it like someone drawing a streetscape out of their imagination. Surely no City Council would approve such a thing and certainly not be prepared to SPEND our money. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have worked too hard for my money to let anyone squander it on a pie in the sky Concept. GET REAL.

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