What a Vision – More Urban Sprawl

The Guardian
March 23, 2007

Wow, what a vision – more urban sprawl!

City Council has approved plans by Canada Lands Company (CLC) to take the Upton Farmlands, a piece of publicly owned waterfront property, and place it in the hands of private developers. CLC’s “concept” plan will soon see this precious piece of waterfront property converted into a high density housing and business park development.

Wow, what a vision – more urban sprawl!

Our elected city officials are not the only ones wearing blinders. Our provincial leaders passed up an opportunity to take over ownership of the property and preserve it for public use and enjoyment.

CLC plans to begin construction in a matter of weeks. Before it is too late, as Dr. Nagarajan noted in his guest opinion dated March 13, 2007, the city and the province should reconsider their positions and “hold off developing the Upton Farm” so that Islanders may be properly consulted on the best use for this rare and special piece of public property.

No doubt, given the chance, Islanders will envision a truly fitting public (as opposed to private) use for this 246-acre waterfront property with over 2 km of shoreline on the North River.

Garry Doyle