Support From Paul Jenkins

Read what Paul Jenkins, retired owner of PEI firm Jenkins Transfer and former member of PEI Industrial Park Board of Directors, has to say about the Upton Farmlands:

I was ultimately responsible for the hundred-acre land purchase now contained in the West Royalty Industrial Park while a director of the Crown Corporation, Industrial Enterprises. It was a good idea at the time and I still support my move to place the park in that location.

Having said that, the balance of the Upton Farm area as well as the Experimental Farm lands should not be permitted to be used
for further development but be left as park and other green acreage use for all Prince Edward Islanders to enjoy in the future.

Considering the heavy concentration of housing, etc.,  in the area presently and the fact that there are no other lands being supplied to us, it should be a no-brainer for the Government to use better judgment than to allow any development whatsoever in these areas.

I have forwarded several site addresses this evening in an effort
of support for this worthy cause, thanks for keeping me informed.

Paul H. Jenkins